About us


Co-founder, co-host and producer

My name is Oscar, and I live in Oxford, in the UK. It’s a really beautiful city, and we’re lucky to have a pro-climate local government. However, I’ve lived in Australia (where I was born), Sri Lanka, and Malawi, so I am very aware of the impact climate change is having on people across the world.


Co-founder and co-host

My name is Hisham and I have been living in Lilongwe, Malawi, Africa for 6 years now. I have lived in both Sierra Leone and Tanzania prior to my time in Malawi and through this, I have gained a sense of understanding about how climate change affects rural life especially because my dad works on projects here to reduce the effects of climate change and deforestation. I am from Vermont, USA and am very proud of it as we are also one of the most environmentally aware states in the USA, with beautiful forest-covered mountains of the green mountain range and white winters. We also have the best Maple Syrup in the world so don’t you dare mention Canadian maple syrup. If I am not working until 8:00pm, I am watching Modern Family, reading a novel, writing music or hiking on a weekend.



My name is Sandhya Stapleton, and I am living in New Delhi, India. I’ve previously lived in Malawi and Ghana, and from my experience, I know that the world needs to start taking action against the horrors of climate change. If I’m not doing school work, I’ll probably be curled up on my bed reading a book.

Sandhya stepped back from Fighting Failure in January 2022 due to school workload. Hopefully she'll still join us from time to time as a guest.